Send cool drops of care to warm people on a hot summer day
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Fenhe Scenic Area Management Office launches "Summer Comforting Activity in Summer"

       Recently, the Fenhe Scenic Area Management Office Party Secretary, Director Wang Xiaoqiang, Deputy Director Wei Yong, Hou Shaobo and some middle-level cadres came to the Fenhe Scenic Area Patrol Brigade to carry out a special theme Party Day event. With this activity, condolences work in Frontline patrols.

      The severe summer heat, the scorching sun, and the high temperature are unbearable. The patrol members of the management office are still sticking to their jobs. They have no complaints and silent dedication, in order to protect the safety of tourists, maintain the order of the scenic spots, and protect the safety of the attractions and facilities. Outstanding Contribution. Especially during the fourteenth square culture summer summer event , the patrol team increased the patrol duty and security work of the Kyushu square and its surroundings. It does not work shifts, no breaks, works continuously, and works on the front line. The members of the team fainted on the job due to the hot weather, embodying the spirit of dedication and dedication.


      Wang Xiaoqiang, the Party Secretary and Director of the Management Office, expresses his sincere condolences and heartfelt thanks to the patrol members for their hard work and encourages everyone to re-energize, create greater glories, and make new achievements in the new era and new situation. Continue to carry forward the special hardship The spirit of being able to fight is to fight for the day and night and work hard to make new contributions to all the work in the scenic area.

Finally, Wang Xiaoqiang, the party secretary and director of the management office, and members of the leadership team distributed summer heat food and medicine to the patrol members. The members expressed their gratitude to the leaders for their care and love, and turned this care into a powerful driving force for practical work. In the future work, we will perform our duties with due diligence and make great achievements.