Proposal for Creating a Civilized City in Linfen Fenhe Cultu
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       The creation of a provincial civilized city is a major decision and deployment made by the municipal party committee and government, and is also the common aspiration of the people of the city. As a window of Linfen's urban civilization, the Fenhe Cultural Ecological Scenic Area is not only a participant, practitioner, and disseminator of urban civilization, but also a beneficiary of urban civilization. In order to effectively carry out the work of creating a civilized city, create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in, and advance each other vigorously, and vigorously promote and promote the creation of work, on the occasion of "National Day", the following is issued to all cadres and employees of the Fenhe Cultural Ecological Scenic Area Management Office: Initiatives:

       I. Regulate personal behaviors and actively participate in the establishment of civilized cities.
       We must consciously abide by and practice the basic ethical norms of citizens and the conventions of civilisation of citizens. Speak, do civilized things, be a civilized person, and say no to uncivilized behavior.


       Two to maintain the scenic environment to build the city beautiful card
       we have to take action, and consciously safeguard the scenic sanitation, do not scribbling in the scenic area, not cluttered, not Luandaluanjian, without damaging public Facilities, do not damage flowers and trees, do not spit, throw litter, do not park vehicles (motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles) at will, do not lead pets into the area, and create a clean and clean area.


       3. Establish a civilized image of the window and improve the level
       of public services. As the number of tourists in the scenic area continues to increase and the reception tasks become increasingly onerous, we must aim at "shaping the image of a civilized window and establishing a civilized service brand" to further standardize service standards and consciously abide by professional ethics And behavioral norms, and constantly optimize service levels to be polite, courteous, and considerate.


       4. Actively participate in public welfare activities, and
       donate roses to volunteers when creating civilized cities . We must vigorously promote the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress" in volunteer service, continue to organize "learning volunteers" service activities, and let the flower of civilization continue to open in the scenic area.


       It is incumbent on all cadres and employees to create a civilized city, and we have an unshirkable responsibility! Let us act positively, starting from ourselves, and from now on, using practical actions to contribute to the creation of a provincial-level civilized city, and the construction of a wealthy, civilized, and harmonious beautiful Linfen.