Inner strong quality training elite soldiers outside tree im
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        Since the launch of the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, the Fenhe Scenic Area Management Office has carried out the search throughout the problem in accordance with the general requirements of “keeping the original heart, shouldering the mission, finding gaps, and implementing”. To comprehensively improve the comprehensive service reception capacity of the management office, carefully build a high-quality patrol team, reflect the purpose of serving the people, and escort for the creation of a safe, civilized and harmonious scenic area, so that citizens and tourists can get more sense of security and happiness With a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction, from October 6th, a two-month "internally strong training of qualified soldiers, outside tree image exhibition style" patrol brigade quality improvement activities.

       The purpose of this training is to improve the overall image of the patrol brigade through training in different subjects, shape a good mental outlook, enhance the team collaboration ability, cultivate everyone's awareness of discipline, time concept, behavior norms, and improve the team's cohesion, combat effectiveness, and rapid response ability. To inspire a strong spirit of hard work, discipline, and obedience to management, to further improve the service level, discipline and law enforcement and security capabilities of patrol teams.

       The training items include: queue training, capture and fighting training and sports activities. The team members train for 2 hours a day, and they are required to do both training and patrolling without any mistakes or promotion, to ensure that "someone is on duty during training and will be on duty quickly after training." The team members are full of spirits, high spirits, fast pace, loud voices, and carry forward the spirit of being able to endure hardships and fight especially. By practicing will, quality and style, they have achieved tangible results.
       A reward will be gained for each effort. The head of the patrol team said that this training activity will be used as an opportunity to further improve work capabilities and service levels. The masses are satisfied, keeping in mind the beginning of the people and practicing the sacred mission.