Send cool drops in the hot summer days to care for the warm
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Luohe Scenic Area Management Office launched “Summer Cooling Consolation Activities”


       Recently, the Fen River scenic area management office party secretary and director Wang Xiaoqiang, deputy director Wei Yong, Hou Shao spread to some middle cadres came to the Fen River scenic patrol unit, conducted a special theme party day activities, thereby activities, work in sympathy A line of patrol players.

      Three volts of hot summer, hot sun, high temperature, the patrol members of the management office are still sticking to their own jobs, no complaints, silent dedication, in order to protect the safety of tourists, maintain the order of the scenic spots , protect the safety of scenic spots facilities Outstanding Contribution.

      Especially during the 
14th Square Culture Summer Festival , the patrol team has increased the patrol duty and security work on the Kyushu Plaza and its surrounding areas. It does not shift, does not rest, work continuously, fights in the front line, and even has The team members fainted in the workplace due to the hot weather, reflecting the selfless spirit of taking responsibility and performing their duties.


      Wang Xiaoqiang, secretary of the party group and director of the management department, expressed sincere condolences and heartfelt thanks to the patrol team members for their hard work, and encouraged everyone to work harder in the new era and the new situation, create greater glories, make new contributions, and continue to carry forward especially hardships. The spirit of fighting in particular is only to fight for the future, to work hard, to take a new step in the work of the scenic spot and make its due contribution.

      Finally, Wang Xiaoqiang, the party secretary and director of the management department, and the members of the leadership team distributed the food and medicine to the patrol team. The team members expressed their gratitude to the leaders for their concern and love, and turned this care into a powerful force for practical work. In the future work, we will do our utmost to achieve good results.